Any person, over 18, living in Salcombe, working in Salcombe or owning a property in Salcombe, whether private or commercial, may become a member.

  • A Member is someone who buys a Membership Share in Salcombe CLT for £1.00
  • A Member will be able to vote at Membership meetings.
  • A Member will be subject to our Membership Policy

Unlike a share in a company (such as British Gas) you will not ‘own’ part of the CLT and will not receive any payment from profits. The shares cannot rise in value but may lose value. You cannot sell them.

A Member will be issued with a Share Certificate and their details will be entered on our Membership Register, in accordance with Data Protection/GDPR requirements.

Membership documents

Please print and complete the membership form (which are also available at Salcombe Tourist Information Centre (TIC)). Once completed, please post or deliver form and money to: a) our registered office; or b) Salcombe TIC; or c) Town Council Office in Cliff House.

Why do we want more Members?

The reason we want more Members is to provide evidence of community support. We’ve been successful with one application for funding from the government but we should be able to show community support to take the project further. Also, we are going into partnership with a Housing Association and, again, we need to evidence the community support we have. A list of registered Members is the best way to do this.

Information for members

Please see our password protected Members page for Salcombe CLT members – email if you do not have the password.